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Implicit Bias in a Clinic Setting Preview

   This course includes two parts:​​​​

  1. Review the "Implicit Bias in a Clinic Setting" PowerPoint to familiarize yourself with the content.

  2. After you have finished reviewing the slides, proceed to take the "Implicit Bias in a Clinic Setting exam below to earn the respective units. Please note that the exam requires a minimum passing grade of 80%, and there is no time limit for its completion.

A doctor speaking to a client at a desk.

Learning Object

  • Understand and be able to recognize implicit bias in a clinic setting

  • Be able to describe and understand the kinds of implicit bias patients face

  • Learn how to best avoid implicit bias

  • Understand and explain the positives and flaws of the impact association test (IAT)

  • Understand important terminologies related to implicit bias

  • Be able to explain different ways to reduce implicit bias in a clinic setting 

A medical professional speaking to a client

Part II. CDM Exam

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