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Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Preview

A Vector image of a nurse helping a customer.

   This course includes two parts:​​​​

  1. Review the CDM PowerPoint to familiarize yourself with the content.

  2. After you have finished reviewing the slides, proceed to take the CDM exam below to earn the respective units. Please note that the exam requires a minimum passing grade of 80%, and there is no time limit for its completion.

Learning Object

  • Understand the importance of chronic disease management in improving patient outcomes.

  • Identify the common chronic diseases and their impact on public health.

  • Learn strategies for patient-centered care in chronic disease management.

  • Understand the role of healthcare providers in coordinating chronic disease management.

  • Identify the key elements of an effective chronic disease management plan.

  • Explore the use of technology and telemedicine in chronic disease management.

  • Understand the importance of patient education and self-management in chronic disease management.

  • Learn about community resources and support systems available for chronic disease management.

  • Explore innovative approaches and best practices in chronic disease management.

A group pf doctors and nurses reading together.

Part II. CDM Exam

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